Fresh ground

A grinder is the most important coffee brewing tool, by far. Considering how far coffee has travelled, how many processes it has been through and how much hard work has been dedicated to bringing it to you, it would be a shame to grind it all up to then let it sit, its flavours fading away with every passing hour.


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Why Ethical
Coffee Matters 

We are committed to promoting ethical farming and processing practices. We do this by fostering relationships with the people who grow our coffee and supporting them with education and equipment.


We travel to coffee growing regions all over the world to check out the conditions on the farms we purchase from.


We strive to educate our customers about coffee, and provide information to both the cafes we supply and customers at home about the farms and conditions our coffee is grown in.


We are grateful for your support and trust you’ll continue to help us raise the standards of the coffee industry.


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